Friday, March 29, 2013

Real-time Update: Black Friday

Hey guys! I am sharing with you today a real-time blog post of our Visita Iglesia earlier. Hubby was not able to come with us since he needed to come with his dad to their province hence, I have to rely on my ipad for documenting this day. I brought with me my dslr camera for the hopes of taking my ootd but sadly I failed haha! It's only my lovey dovey hubby who can stand my vanity and I love him so much for that!!!:) No one took my outfit photos today...saddd!!! But I do hope you'd still appreciate it through some of my photos in this post!

We visited 4 churches only for Marise was quite moody. We were able to visit:
1. Mt. Carmel Church in New Manila, QC
2. Christ The King Church, New Manila QC
3. Holy Family Chapel, Kamias QC
4. Sta. Maria Della Strada Parish

The last 2 churches on our list are both close to my heart. Holy Family Chapel is my parents wedding church while Sta. Maria Della Strada Parish is my baptismal church. Then we headed to UP Diliman for a quick rest then ended the night over a sumptuous dinner at Shakey's! :) La la la love family day! I miss my hubby though :( 

How was your day? :)

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