Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello! hello!!! I miss all of you already!!! How have you been guys? For sure you're still on a high after your vacations not like me who didn't actually had a vacation haha! I just can't postpone work and business deals so I decided to have a stay-cation instead. BUT I made sure I took every quality time to pray, and meditate.

Moving on, I'd like to share with you my outfit when I joined the Earth Hour Bazaar last last week at the Somerset hotel. I was not able to take outdoor photos since hubby and I can't just leave our booth. Good thing, the lighting inside's great so I think it pretty much made the photos look nice!

I seriously can't imagine how I look like in a red dress, accentuated by blue accessories. All I could think of with that color combination is Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman! haha! But nonetheless, I love my outfit that day!

dress- Simone's Closet
cover-up- thrifted
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
oxfords- Shoe Gallery


Meanwhile, here are photos from the event...

It was a good day to celebrate the Earth Hour through a bazaar, a photobooth, and chit chat with friends! :)

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