Thursday, March 14, 2013

In My Brother's Eyes

shots by my brother

Few weeks ago when my brother went with me to a meeting held in UP Diliman for the Sosltice Bazaar. We both love UP so much that we can stay all day there chit chatting and roaming around. If there's one thing my brother and I agrees together is the fact that we are both nature lovers, and we love trees, garden, and big surroundings like what UP Diliman has. I never thought we could bond together since we hardly do it, but thank God for that one Saturday and we just had the best time ever. 

After attending the meeting, I met with my brother at Sunken Garden while we decide which to visit first inside UP, we decided to take some cold juice and some cakes at Chocolate Kiss. We both love cakes so much that we can eat the whole cake in one sitting haha!

I brought with me my camera, since it is one of my dreams to have my outfit photos taken in UP Diliman (babaw haha), and I know that was the chance already. BUT my brother doesn't love taking pictures of mine haha he knows how I am so maarte with the shots that the moment I ask his help to take my pictures  he would go away and leave haha!Good thing he was in good mood and he seemed to be interested in shooting so I took advantage and pose like there's no tomorrow, and this explains why I have tons of pictures above, but what can I do? Almost all of his shots are nice and worth sharing for!!!

How do you find the photos? you love it? :)

PS: I still am a fan of the "dirty ice cream" my favorite flavor: avocado and cheese!!! I ate it again after 8 years!!! :)

dress- thrifted
sandals- Solemate
fabric bangles- Simone's Closet


  1. I love your dress :)
    Cheese ang favorite dirty ice cream flavor ko! Hahahaha!

    Coming home soon.. :) See you!!! :)

    1. THANKS GIRL!!!:) Awwww walang tatalo talaga sa cheese na dirty ice cream!!!SARAP SUPER!!!:) please if you're here in Manila, let me know baka we can meet. di pa tayo nagkita since you left!!!:)


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