Thursday, March 14, 2013

BTS: Solstice Bazaar Shoot

here are some photos behind the camera on our shoot last Sunday morning for the SOLSTICE BAZAAR LOOKBOOK ALBUM. We woke up so early to get to MOA seaside early and capture the soft sunlight and of course avoid the crowd. Luckily, everyhting we planned just went smoothly though I just miss having my models complete. :)

It was just a fun girly girly shoot in a random coffee shop. We just enjoyed the day while sipping cold drinks and taking turns posing for the camera! :) 

aaaaaanndddd, last but not the least, presenting my very AWKWAAARD pose...

tadddaaaa!!!! this shot is all my hubby's fault haha!!! #epicfail

don't forget to visit Simone's Closet tomorrow until Saturday on the Solstice bazaar!!!:)
I will be there until closing time to man the booth!!!:) SEE YOU!!!

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