Monday, March 18, 2013

3 Days Gone

Hey guys!!! 3 days of being offline due to a lot of things that had happened. I missed blogging so much that I have a lot of pending posts to publish, but before I move on with the posts, let me cap-off through these 5 photos what happened on the 3 days I was not blogging.

All photos are taken from my instagram account (@simonesfashioncloset) Friday and Saturday I was too busy manning my booth at the Solstice Bazaar. I super enjoyed selling most especially that my family was there, so it was just like fun and not selling at all hahaha! I am too blessed that a lot of shoppers gave positive feedback over my handmade accessories and that made me super rich and happy!!! 

Then Sunday, I was too busy prepping up Marise and being a proud mom when Marise's graduated from Nursery with honors!!! Hubby and I can't contain ourselves over the joy and pride we are feeling about Marise's achievement. It's really something so proud and surreal when you go upstage, putting the medal on Marise while the crown is applauding. #bestmomentever.

Last photo shows, some cobwebs on progress. We're replenishing our stocks just in time for our 3 more series of bazaars! Another busy week for sure, but I am loving it!

HOW WAS YOUR DAY SO FAR? :) Can't wait to blog about an outfit post after this!!!:)

PS: To those asking, I already blogged about the winner of the ACCESSORIES LOOT BAG GIVEAWAY! I will be contacting the winner asap! :)

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