Monday, March 25, 2013

13 Going On 30

Hey everyone! How are you? It's been what? 5 days already since I last blogged, and I can't hide the itch to post updates here. I mean there are lots of things I wanna share with you all and now my problem is to how to unravel them haha! Backlogs. Ugh, anyway, before I move on with the regular posts, let me share with you a piece of my life on the days I was MIA...

You know what, there's a big difference if you take a day or two or more to just do what you like, to get offline and focus on things you left behind. Life moves so fast that sometimes we tend to forget the important things/persons in our lives because we simply just want to go with the flow, ride with the waves, climb to the top. Of all the movies I've seen, it's 13 Going On 30 that struck me the most. It simply sums up what life should be. At some point in our lives, we were once 13 dreaming big, persistent to achieve our goals, that sometimes we wish to take life on a fast forward. I know it's an old movie, but I get to watch it again for like 2 times this week (thank God for Star Movies haha) That movie is full of lessons. I feel like I am Jenna Rink, I needed a hard hit for me to realize what life is all about. That hard hit gave me a big life twist, but at the end of the day, it made sense.

Oh please listen to that music, it's such a feel good one :) Plus don't you think Mark Ruffalo is such a cutie?! yay!

Sometimes in as much as we want to get all of what we want, we ended up getting one, or worse, nothing at all. In life, we cannot always get what we want. If you do try so, bet you'll surely left behind those that matter to you- which somehow, we often don't see. Like Jenna, she got all she ever dreamed of: she became the big time fashion editor, made influential friends, got a  popular boyfriend, money, and fame. But she woke up one day getting a hard hit that made her realize that she actually didn't gain anything- but rather lost a lot. And I think we're guilty of this isn't it? I do and it feels so bad. We can never turn back time. We can never change anything in the past. We were given one life to live so we've got to make sure we live it to the best we can. We can always be successful , but we can never get fulfilled with titles, money, fame, than that of the love and happiness we can get from the  people we treasure the most. 

Ohkay, like I said I am guilty of being a "Jenna Rink" so I made a pledge to organize more my  schedule so I could give more time for my family, friends and for myself. It's not all about work and stuff right? Life should be balance. Speaking of balance...if my Mondays to Fridays are for work stuffs, I always make sure that my weekends would be spent for my family, and for myself (things I like to do).

so... let me share a glimpse, of how my weekend went through instagram and through iPad photos. (It's easier to document your day to day life if you have an iPad or iPhone haha) 

with Karol 
with Roma of Pop Junk Love

SATURDAY was spent with my love for crafting and joining bazaars. I was invited to exhibit and sell my stuffs at the Earth Hour bazaar held at the SOmerset Millennium in Makati. It was though a boring day because the venue's so quiet but, nonetheless I enjoyed it for I get to bond and chika with some friends, and hubby too! And of course, benta benta din haha! But you know what, when you do handmade stuffs and you try to sell them, mas matimbang pa rin ung sasabihing mga good comments ng clients about your work and stuffs. :)

SUNDAY was spent with my family while we chat about my future business plans, pigging-out, watching TV, and preparing my orders.

messy table haha ganito ang office table ko pag craft day haha!

mallow bracelet dummies

preparing orders :) 

di ako makamove-on ang cute kasiii haha! :) special thanks to my blogger friend, Megann Jabola of STYLE SURGERY! hello girl! :)

shooting product catalogs for the wholesale buyers :) 

Hope I didn't get you bored with this post haha! I just thought of sharing a random post with you. Thanks a lot of you get to finish reading this post haha! I'll see you guys tomorrow with an outfit post! :) 


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