Monday, February 11, 2013

Long Wavy Curls

Hey girls how are you? :) My weekend was pretty crazy. Started with an outdoor shoot last Saturday, plus a whole day of crafting yesterday. I was really in the mood to go out last night but with a lot of stuffs to finish, I just relied on being a couch potato while holding crafting tools on my hand. haha! Anyways, while editing these photos, I was captured by how fast my hair is getting longer and longer and curlier everyday. I can even see my hair roots coming out haha! It's time to retouch my hair color yay! I am thinking to cut my hair short just like how it was way back my college days. it's a bob cut way a lil past my ears haha! But I think I cannot give justice to it anymore since my cheeks are way chubbier now than they were when I was still in college. I guess I'll be sticking around with my long curly hair. But I want something new! haha! I guess I will be having a hard time thinking again what to do with my hair! haha!

By the way, see that cobweb necklace? It will be coming out very soon at Simone's Closet! They come in colorful printed fabrics attached with capiz pendants! Just the right accessory for you this summer!:)

Got to go, I will be training my new assistant for today! I can't do 100 plus stocks per product so I am in dire need of a helping hand already! haha!


top- Jellybean
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
skirt- Landmark
studded flats-DIVI

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