Sunday, February 10, 2013

How My Concept Starts?

So the above shows a snippet of our shoot yesterday for Simone's Closet's look book album. I super enjoyed the shoot plus we played around our cheesy props of hearts and balloons haha! Well just in time for Valentine's Day ya know! haha!

Anyway, some are asking me, how do I begin with my concept( design and photo shoot). I actually don't know HOW, because I don't do such steps nor I do plans or pegs. 

When I start to sit down my messy crafting table, all the creative juices just flow-in. I write them as they come, I draw them if needed. Accessories design, just come out from experiments and imagination of what could a necklace look like when mixed with this, and that. Such a never-ending trial and error until I got there.

See those bangles and necklaces on the right side? They're just my prototypes, a dummy of a design until I  make them near to perfection. 
It helps in the process of conceptualizing, the glare of the sun that comes through my window, that beautiful painting above which always remind me that there is no wrong when you do it by heart. Beautiful designs just come out when you let all the positive vibes hit you. 

Great concepts whether it'd be for an accessory design or for a photo shoot, just happen when you let your instincts and what your heart says, happen as you feel it. WHEN YOU JUST LET YOUR IMAGINATION WANDER ,AND YOUR HANDS DO WHAT YOUR MIND CAN THINK. 

Actually even mistakes and errors could lead me to a design I never  thought would be.


I am not the best accessory designer there is, but for the entire time I have been crafting, I realized that you don't need to be an expert to do beautiful crafts- for what you only need is a creative mind, and the love for what you're doing. :)

Please be there on Feb 24 for the release of WEAR YOUR HEART OUT Collection! :)

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