Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who's Bad?

I am feeling like a bad girl in this outfit. Leather pants and edgy blazers are not my usual go-to pieces, but I must say I am loving the tough aura they give. I will never forget this denim blazer, for this was the first ever denim cover-up I designed for the previous collection of SIMONE'S CLOSET a year ago. I sew every studs, and bleached the heart shape at the back of it. It is really fun embellishing denim cover-ups for you can do so much things on them. And speaking of which, I am currently doing some denim projects for the 1st collection of Simone's Closet this 2013. Aside from denim jackets, we will be also featuring our own designs of denim shorts. I can't wait to begin! I just have to wait for tomorrow before I can finally start. I have to give time first to Marise since she will be having an exam tomorrow. Basically, I am in teacher mode at the moment! haha!

How are you doing so far girls? :)

denim blazer- Simone's Closet
leather pants- online find
pumps- Parisian
top- random brand

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  1. This look is really badass! Love it Denise! Ganda ng jacket!



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