Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inside My Make- Up Bag

I am a having a short break from my regular outfit posts, and will show you what's inside my make-up bag! I am no make-up artist nor a make-up junkie updated with almost everything and anything about cosmetics., but I also have my kikay times, so once in a while, I get my hands on these stuffs also aside from pen and paper, and my crafting tools!ahahaha

 So let's begin!

I have plenty of make-up stuffs that made me buy this envelope dotted red clutch just to store everything inside. I am the type, who wants everything in one place so it's a must for me to keep my cosmetics in a bag as big as this. And of course, para di nakakalat at galawin ni Marise. haha! 

Everything inside my make-up bag! Yes you see that right, there's a small pouch inside I'll show you too what it contains later on. :)

Before I apply make-up, I make sure my face is clean and moisturized so every layer of cosmetic I put, my face would still look smooth and not chappy. I use MYRA-E Sun Protect.

Then it's time to apply the base/foundation, which I am pretty meticulous. I want the base to look as natural as possible and not cakey. And I hate foundations that are too white. For a morena skin like me, good thing there a lot of shades available to choose from.

I use Maybelline BB Cream liquid for days my skin is dry, Maybelling BB Cream stick for humid days to avoid too much oil on my face. I also put some Ever Bilena under eye concealer, to hide dark circles.

Once all blemishes are fixed, I conceal everything with Ever Bilena Studio Finish stick foundation, and Fashion 21 pressed powder.  I also have a bag of sponges in-stock haha! 

For my brush kit, I got mine in a travelling size and pouch from Fashion 21. I am no make-up artist so I don't need a 32-piece or more set of brushes, I just need the basic for simple contouring.

I also have a 48 eyeshadow palette from Fashion 21. One of the best cheap thrills I have. I put much effort on contouring my eyes since they're a bit small, so I love contouring them to make my eyes pop! 
I also have with me a cheap pair of falsies, which I haven't used yet haha! I hate the heavy feeling when they're attached. But when special occasions  or shoots arises, I use them. Then that maroon tube is my falsies' glue, the black and white tube is my mascara (which I do not use unless I wear my falsies) and lastly, my lash curler.

Eyeliners are my favorite eye make-up. I love that they make my eyes look bigger and bolder in just a stroke or two. So whenever I want to look even more prettier, I always apply eyeliner up and down my eyelids. My favorites are Fashion 21 waterproof eyeliner, Maybelline hypersharp liner, and Elf waterproof eyeliner pen.

I have a small collection of lipsticks too from left to right: Maybelline natural brown lipstick, Maybelline Chestnut lipstick, Ever Bilena barbie pink lipstick, Ever Bilena pink rose lipstick, and Nichido Ariel lipstick.

If I go out I make sure I have my small make-up bag with me for retouch purposes hehe. It contains my press powder, Fashion 21 blush, EB Advanced smokey eyeshadow, and (I forgot the brand) a contouring palette gifted to me by my boss. And since my lips are chappy, perhaps because I am acidic, I always have with me my Fashion 21 pink lipgloss, Maybelline lip balm (my favorite!), and Nichido red lipstick (another favorite!).

So there you go, hope you enjoyed my make-up bag post haha! There is nothing too fancy or glamorous about my make-up bag and my small make-up collection, but they make me extra beautiful for days I need to be at my most presentable state! I don't use expensive make-up brands, I don't look at the brand actually, I just buy anything that fits my skin. 

How about you, would you share a post about what's inside your make-up bag, too? :) I would love to know your make-up secrets also! haha!


  1. I love this post! :D Perhaps I shall do one as well. We have the same eye make up palette, btw! :) A very good one, at that!

  2. I use Maybelline's Clear Smooth line too--the BB cream, stick and foundation :) Like you, I interchange between the BB cream and stick depending on how my skin is feeling that day. PLUS, I love Ever Bilena lipsticks. They're super affordable but lasts longer than I would expect it to based on its price :)

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  3. Yay for this local/drugstore makeup brands. Affordable but has the quality like the high end ones ;) Mabuti ka pa marunong magkabit ng falsies :)

  4. Hello! This is the first time I've come across your blog. Seeing this post made me think "I'm sure they're all expensive make up brands!" but I'm pleasantly surprised. I also use Maybelline, the Clear Smooth Compact Foundation. I've also seen your other posts, and I liked the clothes, plus the fact that not all of them are pretty expensive (even thrifted!). I think you're one of my fave fashion blogger now. Keep it up!

  5. Hi there! I saw the Ever Bilena Foundation Stick up there, is this meant for oily skin? Does it hide reddish blemishes? Thank you.


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