Monday, January 21, 2013

True Blue

When my boss arrived in the country 2 months ago for a vacation, I was in panic mode that I will be swamped with work. I only get to meet him once 3 years ago I guess when he personally hired me and ever since then, we just communicate thru skype and emails. My boss owns a foreign luxury brand of shapewear and his office is based in USA. I work at home and we only talk virtually, online. And just 2 weeks ago before he left the country, he asked me to have a dinner with him and his family. I was so nervous and been feeling icey cold the entire time. After eating he called me and said he wanted to say something to me. He sounded so serious which made me feel so even more icey cold! ahahaha! Good thing what he wanted to tell me is that, he is so thankful and happy with my job performance that he even gave more responsibilities to me. Glad that the night ended so well. I had no time to think of any clever outfits but my trusty dresses is always to the rescue! One thing that I should have not worn that night is my belt! My tummy got squeezed and I could have enjoyed more pizzas and pastas and more desserts too! Oh well, I am still happy that this year will be such a great career leap for me...and less sleeping hours too! haha!

PS: Pardon the poses, all these photos were secretly snapped inside Rockwell. I fear the guards might caught me haha!

dress- DIY
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
belt and bag- DIVI


  1. Your dress!!!! :) <3

  2. And so it got me thinking... Who took your photos then? Your boss? Lol! Kidding aside, I really love the whole outfit! And I enjoy reading your posts from time to time. Keep up the good work, pretty!


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