Friday, January 11, 2013

Turn Red

If I were to go back in the University again, and study, this would have been one of my outfits to class. I am not really the preppy kind of girl, but giving a chance to try other looks is really something enjoying! I look so young in this outfit right? haha! :) By the way, can you guess my age? :) 

I may not be a preppy-ish girl, but I do love oxford shoes/brogues (I don't know the difference hehe they look the same to me hehe)  I think I have 5 pairs of them! :) I should wear them more often, they're the comfiest I swear! 

Got to leave now, it's Friday but I have work to finish plus designs too for a collaboration! See you again tomorrow for a new post! Something new is coming tomorrow at Simone's Closet! :)

polkadot top= gift from brother
red skirt- Jellybean
oxfords- made to order from Archive Clothing
bag- Tickles


  1. The shoes <3 :DD Ano po yung website ng store nila? :D

    1. hi angelique! go check the. on multiply! store yan ni pax/aisa ipac :)

  2. I also want to wear oxfords kaya lang baka hindi bagay sakin :( You can pull-off almost everything Denise :)

  3. Favorite ko din to! Ang ganda the second photo ang fierce! Love the whole look!



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