Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simone's Closet's New Logo

Exactly 5 years ago, when I was sitting on my table and planning my very first online shop. I could still remember how things were so difficult especially when you are just starting. 2 years ago, that I only had the chance to give much focus on Simone's Closet after leaving my office job. This 2013, to kick-off some good vibes and create more branding image for Simone's Closet, I decided to make a new logo to carry what my shop is really all about. 

My big thanks to Megann of STYLE SURGERY for interpreting my ideas into this wonderful logo! I am liking it so much, and I hope you are too!
Stay-tuned for more updates and Simone's Closet's first collection this 2013! 

Thank you so much for the continuous support that made us reach this far! Cheers to more years for Simone's Closet! Cheers to more happy clients and more creative ideas! :)


  1. wow!! love your new logo dear ♥

    Michael Macalos

    1. thanks Michael! :) nuks you have a domain na! :) planning to get one!:)

  2. Congrats to the new logo and new blog layout! Ang ganda! Perfect for the brand!



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