Sunday, January 20, 2013

SUNDAY MUSIC: Save The World by Swedish House Mafia

I am not the right person who knows much about music. My taste is really weird. I am young, and should have known more about the latest hits, bur I know more about the oldies songs, and I don't know why I am always into them. If you'd ask me what is the latest song today, I don't know seriously haha! So anyway, I  was bombarded with Swedish House Mafia posts from Facebook, to Twitter, to blog posts, and that made me wonder what the fuss is all about. I googled them and searched Youtube, and found this cute video!The oldies-music-lover I am made me fall in love into this song in just one play! Go ahead listen to this one and watch the video, sure you gonna be spelled by these cute dogs! :) 

I will be having one more post today before I go offline to do some crafting!


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