Friday, January 18, 2013

Bejeweled Denim

photos by Patricia Gabrielle Carino

And my love for denim jackets continues! It's really cold lately and I can't help but overuse this denim jacket! It is just the right thickness and size for me. I guess denim jackets are way better when they fit a bit loose! I don't know but for me they're way better that way haha!

Anyway, I am so proud to say that I am blogging real-time! These photos were taken earlier in Trinoma (obviously my fave spot haha!) by my good friend Patch! Patch and I were invited to judge a fashion show hosted by PC Buyers Guide magazine held in SM North. I love new experiences so I gave it a shot! I was originally to wear a peplum skirt but the cold weather just made me pick this maxi dress instead! I love that this denim jacket looks well with almost any outfits I wear!  If you want to have your bejeweled, spiked, and ombre denim jacket, I will be making new batches (yes I do them personally!) this coming February on Simone's Closet's first collection this 2013! So be sure to watch-out for that! 

Before I go and proceed with my work stuffs today, I'd like to thank you guys for always reading SIMONE'S FASHION CLOSET. So happy to have reached 160,000 plus hits! This may be a little compared to other bloggers, but never did I knew I'd have such big hits like this! I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!:)

dress- Cocobana
denim jacket- Simone's Closet
wedges- Primadonna
neon bracelet- Simone's Closet


  1. Ang gandaaaa. O.O I am mesmerized by the jacket!! I love it!



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