Thursday, January 17, 2013

Star City

My outfit post the other day  is what I wore when we went to Star City. And I am gonna show you how our day went through pictures.
Before we went inside, we had pictures first outside in the parking are, for I know how difficult it is to shoot inside knowing there is a sea of people around.
Marise and her cute lil bear, Lucky! 
Caught in the act! Father and daughter shoot! haha!
Nice shot isn't it? hubby took this photo and I love it! I never appreciate that circle star, just now when I see this photo hehe

Our first goal  wad to try all the Kiddie attractions: Peter Pan, Land Of The Giants, and Pirate Adventure. We just let the SnowWorld pass, the line is super mega long. haha!
Hubby dared me to ride this one, but I just can't sorry! I am the most boring living creature to be with when you are inside Star City or any amusement parks with rides. I really have fear of heights that even a small caterpillar ride haunts me! hahaha! You will never get me there swear! :)
Even the Ferris Wheel, I was so frightened while we're inside. I was like a stone not moving at all as we go high! I hate it when it shakes and moves as you move too, so the whole time I was like holding my breath and just not moving at all hahahaha!

Then we also let Marise try different kiddie rides alone, just by herself. And I am so proud she can do it without me by her side. :)

We went so late around 9pm, very tired but happy! When you are inside Star City you just don't care anymore with your watch and all you gotta do is enjoy and seize the moment. We were there as early as 3:45pm and went home 9pm! Imagine how long we stayed inside. Hahaha! Next time I go back there, perhaps with hubby, Ill try to give Wild River a try! haha! Let's see if I can do it! haha!


  1. seems like a fun time! I'm pretty sure your cutie patootie daughter is super happy! :))


    1. yes indeed! i even enjoed myself too! haha .:)

  2. I think I will be with you if we had the chance to go at an amusement park. I will always volunteer to hold my friends' bags whenever they will ride those death-defying rollercoasters. I just can't. I will shake and scream to death. So you're not the only one. Not judging here. Hahaha :) Anyway, it looks like a fun and great day for the family! :)



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