Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo Story: The Little Kitten

Before I go to sleep in a while, I just wanted to share a quick photo story of what happened last night. We went to Star City yesterday to treat Marise to an afternoon of kiddie rides, and all that stuffs. Hubby and I are both child-at-heart so were pretty much enjoying the day haha! I was busy watching closely at Marise on the playground. I am tired, hungry, and my feet are screaming painful when hubby tapped me and put on this cute tiger-ish/kitty-ish headband. He said "bagay sayo, ang cute mo!" and I was like, "uh really?" then he snapped this photo from his iPhone and tada! That's so sweet of my hubby! All the hunger, and achy feet just all disappeared! I somewhat enjoyed this headband and just wore it on my head the whole time we were there! Pinanindigan kong maging kitty! haha! bagay naman sa top ko di ba? haha! 

more kwento and pictures on this week's posts! :) 

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  1. Weeee... sweet naman.. your hubby's a good man. sometimes compliments like that are all we need. to make our days.. happy 2013!


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