Monday, January 7, 2013

Feelin' Summer

Now that everyone's life is back to normal, kids to school, adults to work, I bet most of us are already wishing for summer break to come! And here I am enjoying some summer-ish bohemian outfit though it's months away from now. 
This outfit is an example of how I dress-up when my bohemian side strikes me. I am all for the love of sandals,  billowy tops, denim shorts and maxi skirts. 
I wore this outfit weeks ago when I had a busy Saturday of shopping, shop errands, and some order-related stuffs. I usually do meet-ups for Simone's Closet whenever I have extra time, to thank personally my clients, and express how grateful I am for their support and love. And just Saturdays ago, this outfit never failed to give me the comfort and style I needed for a whole day of walking.
inner top- Landmark/ cover-up-Simone's Closet/denim shorts- DIY/ sandals- Forever 21/ bracelets- Simone's Closet

After this post, I am off to hours of work loads and some preparations for SIMONE'S CLOSET'S first collection this 2013. It's a bit of pressure for me since I know people/clients are expecting far greater than what we have produced last year. Time-consuming and a bit of mind-boggling, but I know every effort is worth it. 

Hope you'r day is going fine just like mine! :) 


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  1. omg! i just love the way you dress! you're so cool. i'm a fan ;) hehe
    ps. i really like yer bag! :)


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