Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Outfit Of The Night

If there's one thing I am guilty of when taking my outfit photos, is that, I am a perfectionist. I want the shots to be clear, sharp and as much as possible under the natural lights- hence, I always have my pictures taken on daytime. I bet kayo rin? hehe 
Daytime shots are way clearer and sharper than those taken at night right? If you are a blogger too, you know that for sure hehe. 

I remember I have read some blog posts entitled "CHASING THE SUN" I have seen like 4 or 5 posts titled that way, and I am nearly drawn to make one post with that title too but I never had the chance hehe. By that title, they mean, they literally chase the sun just to take outfit photos, and again, if you are a blogger, you can relate hehe. nangyayare rin saken toh, minsan my dad would wonder why I always want our family dates, or getaways during the morning, di nya alam ang hidden agenda ko haha! 

 I always make sure that I take my outfit photos under the sun or until there is sunlight, and never have them taken at night. I refuse to use flash for it makes photos look fried, or too bright or the photos just look rather plain. 

dress-thrifted / cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet / bracelets- Simone's Closet / flats- Leaveland

Though I never tried shooting at night, I gave it a risk/ a chance and I just let hubby do the thing. It's quite hard you know. If on daytime you are chasing for the sunlight, at night you are literally chasing after good lamp post lighting, or mall lighting, and anything with lights at night. haha! Funny that, we've had 50 shots but these bunch is what I think made the cut! The rest are blurred, and nakakalokang, ulitin ng uliting yung pose and be still for  3 seconds or so para iwas blurred. hehe. 

Nonetheless, the experience is great! The night ambiance is a bit more romantic and more dramatic. I think I would be repeating this "outfit of the night" shoot again! :)

How about you, do you love to take photos at night too? And do you use flash? :)
These photos were taken with no flash by the way. I insisted, and thank God hubby is really patient with me :)

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  1. Haha! Totoo yan girl! Pag night time ang hirap talaga, ayoko naman ng may flash. Anyhow, the photos turned out great. There is a sultry and mysterious feel in this look :)



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