Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas With My Family

Sharing with you a photodiary of how my relatives and I celebrated our new year! My mom's side the Isip family, is really a huge clan. Mostly they're politicians here in Manila. If my dad has only 3 siblings, my mom has a whooping 8 siblings! Imagine how big our clan is? :) And every year during Christmas and New Year we gather on our cousin or tita's house for a whole day of non-stop eating, gift-giving and of course what we love to do, picture-taking! 

Scroll down to see the photos I snapped that day! 
cute center piece isn't? :)
Marise and her cousin Ayanna playing singers and bandmates together! :)
my dad and my titos, known as the Drinking Lolos. haha! Well for the simple reason  that they all love to drink, not water not juice, but alcohol/liqours! haha!
my cousin Philip, and my brother Aldrin :)
My tito and titas, and cousins :)
cousin Philip, brother and Mom

And just about we were to leave that day, my tita insisted to do group shots and here some takes from my camera... I guess I know now why my love for picture-taking come from! haha!

My cousin knew I love to take my outfit photos so he asked me to take his, and we spotted this cutesy bohemian-ish gate of my cousin! I regret not having my picture taken there haha!
don't you just love this gate? :) 

I'll share what happened on our New Year's celebration on my up coming posts! :) 

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