Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crafty Sunday!

HEy guys! I just went home from RObinsons Magnolia! Had lunch then did a little shopping then went home! And now I am sitting again on my crafting chair and table! BUt before I continue, I just wanted you to see a real-time set of photos of what I am doing now and what I look right now while you are reading this post! Good thing my iPad just makes blogging a lot more easier! The photos a bit grainy coz they were taken straight from the iPad's camera! My table's a bit crazy messy haha !!! When you are on the mood to craft, you just don't think anymore if you're table is clean or not hahahaha!

I hope you are doing great and enjoy your Sunday!!!:) See you tomorrow with an outfit post!:)


  1. oh my! i love the new braided necklace on the 3rd photo!:) getting very crafty!!

    1. thanks ava!:) coming very soon! :) hope to see you again!


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