Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Peek Inside My Closet

Now that you know what's inside my make-up bag, it's time to give you a sneak peek on my closet! I had a hard time capturing photos of my closet considering that, I forgot to put on my zoom lens so I just relied on my 50mm lens. 

Anyway, I will be showing you more photos of my closet once I have my kit lens with me. Basically, I have two clothes rack inside my room. One for my blazers and skirts and the other for my dresses and tops.
CLOTHES RACK 1: You'll see in here my collection of blazers and cover-ups and my maxi skirts, puffy skirts, and bohemian maxi dresses. Plus my harem pants ( yes I wear them haha!),  jeans, and trousers. I wonder how they all fit inside? haha! 

CLOTHES RACK #2: Contains my dresses, and polo tops, vests, and sweaters. 

I am actually thinking of revamping my room again to make space for another 2 more clothes rack hahaha! And one more shoe rack. One room isn't enough to store my things my goodness! haha! I think girls just can't get enough of fashionable goodies right?! 

I'll show you next the other part of my closet: the folded tops, and my accessories cabinet. I just have to organize them first, they're totally messed up! haha! Got to go now, it's crafting day today and I am thinking of dropping by later this afternoon to Eastwood! :)



  1. You have a lot of stuff! :)

    Jamie Kate

    1. Indeed! And I don't anymore how to store them ahahaha!:)


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