Saturday, December 29, 2012

Twenty Nine

Today we're celebrating hubby's monthsary! We used to do monthsary celebrations and gift-giving back when we were still college (we've been together since 2006, so that's 6 years already) but lately, we realized it doesn't need to be that complete with gifts and all to be able to say we  did celebrate or treasure that day. I guess as a couple we've grown maturely. Every 29th of the month we just greet each other and if time permits (because we're both busy with our own businesses and taking care of Marise) we go out watch movies, and well, eat! ahahaha!    
I was supposed to say a lot more about our love story and show you some photos of my special gifts to him but then I forgot to borrow the stuffs from hubby and he's busy now so I guess I will just make another post about us on our anniversary instead which is coming very soon this January 29! yay! 

Photos were taken by our good friend Glecy! We don't have much decent photos together since hubby is always the man behind the lens and we shoot na kameng dalawa lang so nobody would snap our photos! But thank God for willing friends to be our photographer even just for a wee time! haha!

To my hubby, HAPPY MONTHSARY! Even if we're total opposites, we still jive. Thank you for being my best friend and hubby, and a father to Marise. :)

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  1. Aww that's so sweet! Happy anniversary to you guys and love love love!

    Happy new year!



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