Sunday, December 30, 2012

About Me Questions Part 3

Heyyah! I woke-up so early today like 3 hours of my usual waking-up time just to make this post! haha! I just love you so much that needed to exert a bit of effort today :)  Anyways I wanna catch-up the weeks I wasn't able to answer the ABOUT ME QUESTIONS. :)

But before I proceed, let me thank my mom for this wonderful photo! Yes most of my outfit photos in here if not hubby took them, it's mom! :) She really can be a great photographer right? :) This photo just got the perfect lighting and angle which made blogging easier becuase I don't need to edit my photos anymore :) 

Anyway moving on, let's begin shall we?

1. What course did you finish in college? -- Jen Destura

I took up Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations in PUP.

2. When did you start a blogger? :) --- Karen Atienza

I was interested in reading blogs in the year 2009 and the next year I decided I wanted to have my own. I had so much thoughts in mind at that period that I know I wanted to be written and documented, hence this blog was born. 

3. I know you are very busy with your online shop, bazaars, events and even as a blogger, so how do you give time to your daughter Marise?--- Maria Christina Gumatay

Well for a woman, when you started to become a mom, that role would never have a break even if non-working holidays permit it,. Being a mom is being a mom forever. A  lifetime commitment, a job without pay, and always on-call. So I guess with me being busy with my work and with Simone's Closet is never an excuse to have less time with Marise. I always find/have time for her.  Everyday I bring her to school, fetch her afterwards, eats with her, help her with her assignments, and just be with her every second every split second daily! I thanks God for showering me a very good home-based job that I don't need to leave home to be able to work. :)

4. How did you get started as a designer and as a blogger? :)-- Jean Mariel Arboleda

I can't really say I am designer because I didn't have any formal training or education about being one but thank you for claiming that word for me haha! :) I began designing accessories in 2010. During my Simone's Closet's multiply days, I began crafting handmade necklaces, rings,  earrings, headbands and more! And I guess jsut this 2011 that I fully developed my skill in designing and crafting accessories. I never knew my works would be that appreciated. 

When it comes to blogging, it came just in time when I started Simone's Closet in 2010. 

5. How would you define real happiness?

Real happiness is when you smile with no reason at all. You just suddenly feel it. 

6. Who is your greatest inspiration? - Abigail Sy

No one in particular. I can't think of "who" only but "what" also. I see inspiration as a whole lot of things combined. The things I see everyday that move me. The people with great stories I heard that made me realize how lucky my life is. The people that surrounds me inspire me. My past that inspired me to be better today and in the future. My dog, my crafts, my work, movies, food, and all sorts of things that help me move to a direction where I want to be.

7. What's the best thing that happened to you this year? :)

I guess when I saw Marise perform as an angel on her Christmas party, and when I was able to produce 100 stocks of cobwebs and 270 pieces of bracelets for Simone's Closet's December bazaar escapade, all in a span of 2 weeks! yay! Plus  a lot of people is beginning to love my handmade accessories!The best talaga!:)

8.  What is your current beauty obsession? :) --- Maria Fatima Recede

oh, I am into lip balms, lip glosses, and lipsticks right now. My lips are a bit pale so I cannot leave the house without these in my bag. Plus I am lovin organic body scrubs now. :)

9. Who is your greatest influence when in comes in fashion? ---  Jill Roque

Aside from myself. I am in love with...
MIROSLAVA DUMA for her eccentric style. A mix of elegant, bohemian. and edgy style.
her outfits are usually my go-to for events wherein looking polished and fashionable is needed.

and lastly, VANESSA HUDGEN. I adore her casual effortless put-together bohemian looks. These are the types of outfits that I can say wearable for my lifestyle. Very me right? :) Though I am not a fan of her with her shorter hair. 

10. who/what is your inspiration behind Simone's Closet and your product design?-- April Grace Gregorio

The inspiration behind all my designs is my clients, the wearability of each design, combined with my own personal touch.

11. How do you manage to keep yourself look so young and not as haggard as like the other young mommies? :)

Oh, I guess I am just a happy person. I may rant on this blog about my negative feelings over certain things, but after all those BV were out of my system, okay na ako. That's what's good to me, I talk and talk, I scream I punch my pillow when I am mad or I feel bad. I let those BV come out and the next morning when I wake-up I am fine. It helps that I am a positive person. I smile on littlest things. Even strangers on the mall whom accidentally I caught staring at me or perhaps on my outfit, I smile at them. I smile on almost people I see. I don't know why. 
Another secret would be, I don't have any bad habits like, smoking, drinking alcohol, and sleeping with my make-up on.  :)

12. What can you do to make your enemy's dreams come true?--- Sie Cajilig

haha such a funny question. First of all,  I am the type who befriends the people before I call them enemy. I always have that thought of giving second chances to people. They say first impression lasts,  and to me that really don't apply. I have met people lately whom at first they gave me that bad impressions, but I gave them second chances and befriended them. I approached them talked to them, and be nice as I can be. And I have proven they are not actually what their first impressions are. People tend to misjudge others by the way they see the person at first. So it is always good to give second chances. If second chances, 3rd and 4th won't be worth it then let it be.

As for the enemy, I guess I have 2 enemies now. haha! just recently after giving 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances, these persons really proved to me they are not worth my time. I talk to them frankly for the very last chance, told them how I feel but still nothing happened. They caused me dismay, and I definitely deserve an apology, but instead of them being sorry, they just pinpointed their mistakes and put the blame to me instead. I guess there are just times when enemies are  usually your friends in the past. No matter how much effort you exerted to save that little friendship, still it won't be saved unless the other party exerts effort too. It's sad but it's true. Now how do I make my enemy's dream come true? I don't know. haha! I don't know what their dreams are, and I was not born totake them as one of my responsibilities hehe. 

13. 1 question you would like to ask about me: --- Maly Manligas

My cobweb necklaces. They can be a scarf, a necklace, and best of all, pantakip sa cleavage pag sexy ang neckline haha! Try it! :)

14. What keeps you motivated?--- Jaws Banico

What keeps me motivated are the dreams I want to achieve in the near or in the far future haha! I just positive that way. Dreams may be a punch to the moon, but nothing is impossible unless you believe in them. 

15. Where do you buy your crafting materials?-- - Elaine Chua

My accessory tools, and other stuffs are all from Quiapo. :) 

Yey I was able to answer 15 questions today! :) yay!


  1. I love reading these kind of posts from you, Denise. It made me learn more about you through these snippets of your life. I guess it's amazing. I also love Miroslava Duma, by the way!

    Happy new year!


    1. aww thanks arra for always supporting my blog. and for always reading it and for thw lovely comments :)


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