Monday, December 31, 2012

Lucky 2013

A few hours from now and it's gonna be 2013! Yay! Time  flies so fast that you barely notice it. I am thinking of posting a recap or to post about the highlights of my life in the year 2012, but I've realized it's hard to go back and pick which one's deserve to be on the list as for me, ALL of the things that happened (good or bad) in 2012, are too important. I am thankful for reaching another new year happy and  super happy with all the blessings 2012 showered to me. I cannot enumerate them all but 2012 really was a great year for my family,. career, blog, and Simone's Closet! I got all that I want to achieve this year and I am the happiest! :)

Some may be busy doing all the rituals, wearing polkadots, buying round fruits, eating sticky rice cakes, and perhaps reading zodiac signs to ensure and see how lucky they'll be this 2013. I can say I do all these things, but let me tell you one thing... LUCK IS ALWAYS WITH US. IT IS WITH HOW WE FACE LIFE THAT WE CAN SAY WE ARE LUCKY. It is not with the clothes or food or signs we have. Lucky are those who are hardworking, and positive towards anything. It is not with the zodiac signs alone that we can say our year will be fruitful. Luck is a perfect combination of faith in God + positive attitude. :)

Before I get offline tonight well to cook, and work (yes I still have work haha) I want to extend my deepest thank you for being a part of my wonderful 2012! I may not be the best blogger in the world but thanks for sticking out with me! SIMONE'S FASHION CLOSET will be ever thankful to all of you who have inspired me  to blog and share a piece of my life! 


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