Saturday, December 29, 2012

Marise Lately

When all else fail, when I look through these photos of Marise, everything turns out to be easy. All the hopelessness, sadness, and pain vanish. Day by day I realize why God trusted me this innocent life. Without her I couldn't imagine how my life is now. Seeing her grow day by day so beautiful and bibo, is so fulfilling. Yon lang, super kulit but then again I would rather be bombarded with her noises than to live a day without her. I guess God gave me her so I can be the person I am right now. As they always say, God sends us someone to be a part of our life, to make living a meaningful one. :)

PS: Marise does the best wacky poses ever! see above photos! haha! These were taken weeks ago on a children's party we attended. 

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  1. Aww too cute! She's really precious and she's your mini me! She looks like you, Denise. Every post that I've seen her in it reminded me of you :)

    Happy new year!



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