Thursday, December 27, 2012

Confidence Is The Cherry On Top

Earlier I was in  the mall to do some bank errands when I passed by Jellybean store and saw they are having a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo. I was attracted to the display and to the promo as well and tried looking among the racks. I must say the style of clothes in  there isn't me. Very preppy, chic and girly. Whereas mine's more bohemian-ish and edgy. But this 2013 I'll try other looks too. Usually you will see me in my tribal printed dress, maxi skirt, maxi dress, bohemian top, loose pants, sandals, stack of bracelets, cobweb necklace, and anything bohemian-ish. Even my mom who is not that vocal about me being so kikay and maarte with clothes, suddenly told me how she sees me always in bohemian outfits and she loved it so much. I guess I always nail that "part of the tribe/bohemian--ish edgy" look. I don't know but I guess my personality is exactly that way. 

Anyways, I mentioned about this ( having your own style topic)  since I always get to see people out there having a hard time dressing-up. Some of my friends, relatives would ask me, why is dressing-up and pairing clothes so easy for me. I always tell them to dress-up with what they feel inside and who they really are as a person, and it would be very easy for them! Dress for yourself and never follow trends unless they look flattering on you. Kahit di na uso yang pants mo or ung dress mo, basta keribels mo gora lang! Suot ng suot at rampa ng rampa. Kebers na lang ng iba jan haha! Ikaw lang may keri ng outfit na yan o di ba? Plus I guess confidence is always the key! Whatever it is that you are wearing, whether it'd be shorts and top lang, or even a simple LBD, you will always look good with any outfits so long as you are confident with yourself. CONFIDENCE IS ALWAYS THE CHERRY ON TOP OF YOUR OUTFIT. Without it, your outfit wouldn't stand-out :)

dress- thrifted
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
flats- Landmark
bag- Tickles
bracelets- Simone's Closet


  1. yea, CONFIDENCE! :)) i'm lovin' your style, and honestly, you're the only blogger na binabasa ko ung blogs :)) short but meaningful and sexy! more power po :))

  2. yea, CONFIDENCE! honestly, your blog is the only one im reading of :)) and im lovin your style naa :D more power! :)

  3. yes, confidence is the ultimate accessory. it's funny you mentioned personal style because eden and i were talking about being more keen on buying closet items that are true to our styles and not necessarily because they're on trend or that they look chic. over the past 3 years of blogging, i've been experimenting with my style a lot and boy were there blunders.hihi.

    ps. you're looking very chic in bohemian, denise! <3 and i love your bag!

    ♥ latest post: "december diary: styling for footzyfolds" at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  4. I love this! Very "you" :)


  5. Love the dress and the confidence Denise :)

  6. very well said Denise! i love your tribal printed
    dress, ikaw na ikaw :D

  7. Really love your outfit!! >w<
    Confidence really IS the cherry on top!!

  8. thank you so much girls for appreciating this post. I never knew you read my blog posts or my blog for that matter. i mean do i cater to your interests? and now has proven that hey i have a bunch of lovely and supportive readers! :) salamat ng marami! :) Happy Holidays!:)

  9. I love how you said keber lang and rampa lang ng rampa. That's really true. What matters is that you love yourself and you feel good in it. Smile nalang to those who stare. I love the inspiring post, Denise.

    Happy new year!



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