Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simone's Closet @ 9 Days Of Christmas Bazaar

You know too well how much of a MIA-human -being I am over the last week! haha! I was so busy preparing for Simone's Closet's biggest and last leg of bazaar for the year 2012. I want it to be as perfect as possible. Therefore sleepless nights for straight 3 weeks is the result haha!!!

Below I will show you the photos of how the 3-day bazaar went. :) By the way, I was not able to bring my camera so I just relied on my iPad instead. :)

December 12 the first day and ingress of the bazaar. I was not feeling well that day because I was pms-ing  that time plus I have migraine and vertigo all in one! imagine the feeling of floating and as if you are about to faint? Haha but the bazaar must go on so I just shook it off and proceed to assembling and designing my space.

I was not just happy of the thought of encountering such impossible and impolite organizers. I was just pissed off so much that I almost came to a point that I wanted to go home and not sell anymore. Swear if not for my loyal buyers, and supporters who will be coming that day I was really gonna quit and go home. Anyway, despite the fact of the BV that welcomed me , I still managed to end the day happy because hubby was there, my friends and my loyal clients came. So all the sacrifices are worth it. :) 

I shared a space with a friend who happens to be a friend of Yas sister of Hershey (hey girl!) who owns Baggelia. So the entire time we are just chatting about how small the world is for having some common friends hehe. 
assisting customers is just so rewarding. You get to see their weird but positive reactions whenever I tell them everything is handmade. Lahat sila is like " wow!!! galing!" that really melts my heart :)
super cute bag charms from Baggelia! Hubby got two for my bag! yay!:)
of course, everyone's darling, Simone's Closet's fabric bracelets :)
and the star of the night, the cobweb necklaces and the shirts! :) They are such a breath of fresh air for the people there. They can't believe this thing actually exist! haha there are some who says, "yan ang uso ngayon" "yan ang latest fasyown!" "uy ang cute nun yun ung uso ngayon" never did I think cobwebs will be known this far. :) I mean before it is only me, hubby, Marise, and mom who knows about them necklaces, and look, seems like little by little people start to get to know them :) 


The second day was a bit relaxed compared to day 1, all the pagod, sakit ng katawan, and stress andun na. but when 2nd day came, mejo relaxed in terms of setting-up the displays, and the crowd of people. Not much benta in short but I am happy because Marise, brother, and mom, plus hubby visited me that day. All we did was leave our booth and eat haha!
Then while I was buying food I felt an arm embraced me at my back and saw  this super quirky, cool, and kind lady wearing my necklace. She bought one on the first day along with her friends who also bought cobwebs too! She wore the necklace to a conference meeting that day and everyone was like " san mo nabili yan? " "ang ganda!" and while she was narrating all this to me, my smile is like pasted on my face and all the GV just comes in! haha! she even recommended to her friends and office mates too so sweet!!!:)

hubby is cam-whoring haha! I love you! thank you for being with me for 3 days. it just makes the pagod and some BV bearable :)

my DAY 2 buddies! super laughtrip lang!!!:) haha!

DAY 3 
as in tila me gera sa labas ng booth. Haha! I thought the last day will be super lax, and no benta talaga since day 2 was just a relax day and assuming the 3rd day will be like that too. But mind you, it was a total opposite! I hardly took a lot of photos because promise no time to be vain and magdocument sa dami ng tao. thank God for showering customers!!! haha! :)

meet Christine of Ombre Vintage and her sister. Sila ang buena mano ko for that day. thank you so much for purchasing cobwebs :) And it was so very nice to meet you two! :) super friendly :)
and since I had a 5 minute break. nakatiyempo ako magpic, and spotted on this pretty lady, who happens to be a suki of my shop!!! :) she is wearing a top and skirt from Simone's Closet :) super thank you Aine for supporting us!:)
then my friends, nikki and patch with her boyf, LA was there too!!!:) super thank you girls for coming even if I was not able to chika much with you! :) Star City date next year okay? :)
another friend who came . Who visited me all the way from work! super thank you talaga :)
with her officemates :)

I have 80 pcs of cobwebs on-stock and ready for the 3-day bazaar and went home with only 20 pcs left!!! yay to that! up to this last minute, I even get some text messages from clients ordering for more. thank you so much for believing in me! :) You fuel me to become better, wiser, and even more eager to continue and create more! :) 

Over all I could not ask for more. The experience is tiring, but definitely rewarding! No certain  amount of money can ever measure my happiness on those days :) Thank you guys to all of you, and thank you God! 

Until my next bazaar adventure! :)

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  1. when and where is your next bazaar, denise my love? wanna visit you and buy some! i miss yah! <3

    Hope here! :) <3


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