Monday, December 24, 2012

Lines Meet At A Point

Hey guys! Just got home from my relatives' house in Antipolo and the first thing I did is to make this blog post! I wanted to greet you all again A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am beyond thankful for having you guys for sticking-out on this blog no matter how interesting or boring the posts may get haha!!! I really do appreciate all the comments, I may not get to reply to them each but I get to read them always! I know I have utang Q&A portions to you and I will be trying my best to finish them all asap! :) 

I have colds now and it is so irritating that my nose is itchy and  I sneeze most of the time. haha! I hope to get well tomorrow! :) I am having some low moments this morning. I was supposed to write about it on this blog but it's not just the right time to do so. This blog has been my diary of emotions and whatever I feel like sharing, I wanted this blog to be the voice of my innerself. You know when things become uneasy, hard to understand, and when moments you feel like to explode, writing what you feel is the easiest or should I say harmless way to let it out. Perhaps I'll share a piece about it soon. 

Anyway, I got to go, I need to finish my work (yes I have work now!) When you're a blogger, writer, mom there's no holiday! But before I carry on, I just wanna say that Christmas is not all about gifts, yummy food, beautiful outfits, it's about how you make Jesus happy on His birthday! Let us all be nice and not be a naughty one, not only today but for the rest of our lives! 


dress- thrifted
denim vest- thrifted
sandals- Solemate


  1. Merrry Christmas Denise! Pagaling ka :) Everything will be alright! Same tayo ng feeling, medyo ganyan din ako lately :(

    1. aww thanks kath! :) i am okay na. how about you? :) Merry Christmas to you and your family :)


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