Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Of Wings And Halo

hihi can you spot me? :)
FYI: The lady standing infront is Marise's teacher and was my teacher too way way back!!! :) grabe noh and tagal na! haha:)

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas day? Mine's super busy. Divided the day between going to hubby's family side, and my tita's house. It's super duper chaotic yet super fun seeing some long-lost relatives and exchanging stories afterwards, not to mention tons of fattening food which I am super guilty of overeating? haha! My mouth's been stuffed with food the entire day. haha! Anyway, I'd like to share with you some photos of Marise's first ever school program. She was an angel on their Christmas school play and suddenly I remembered mine's when I was her age way way back on that same school. :) yay! You'll see on the photos above how parents are so proud with their kids, and my stolen shot while I am being a super stage mom haha! Then you'll also see Marise holding a card she did (well all of them in the class did for the parents, along with the help of their teachers) for me and hubby. So sweet! :) It was kind of a challenging and enjoying part for me to prepare her costume but nonetheless everything is worth it. Seeing Marise perform just melts my heart. :)


  1. Aww. Love it! Ang cute ng little angels. I remember myself tuloy when I was a kid. I was an angel too!

    Happy new year!



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