Friday, December 21, 2012

In My Shoes

It's that time of the year again to wear a sweater!!! I own a few and am not planning to get more haha! I am practical dresser and I know after this month, I won't be using them, not unless snow comes in the Philippines. Sometimes I wonder, how do other people dress-up? Do they mind the occasion  the venue where they're heading at? The weather perhaps? Or the people they're going to be with? Well if you would ask me, I only have one answer, I dress according to my mood. I can wear anything but heels not unless it's a special event or a wedding ceremony wherein heels would rather be a good shoe to wear than my go-to flats. 

A lot may be wondering why a fashion blogger like me, is always in flats? Well again, I am a practical dresser. One time I remember I was at the mall with my mom and hubby when we saw a group of girls shopping with their heels on and struggling so hard to walk that despite they are hiding the pain in their toes, the motion remained too obvious. I have nothing against wearing heels as I 've said on last night's post, wear what you want to wear. BUT for me to sacrifice comfort is too much. I am not the one who will wear "tiis-ganda" stuffs hence, my love for flats grows. 

In real life, you cannot walk in a pair of 6-inch heels inside the mall in 30 minutes without feeling pain at all. If so, I'd buy that pair of heels right away haha! :)

How about you, are you a tiis-ganda dresser, or a practical dresser? :) 

sweater- thrifted
skirt-random brand
sandals- Tomato
mallow bracelets- Simone's Closet
bag- Landmark

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  1. Love the skirt dear! Nako sometimes I do wear heels because it boosts my confidence or it makes the bad vibes go away for me. But I always bring flats with me whenever I sport "tiis ganda" looks! Haha! Safest to wear are wedges :)

    Happy holidays!



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