Monday, December 3, 2012


I love dogs. I really do! I love big dogs and the first pet I had then when I was still 4 years old is a black dalmatian. My brother named her Dollar after Richie Rich's dog ( you know in the movie, Richie Rich the dog with dollar sign spots? ) hehe. This polka dotted dress is a thing that reminds me of Dollar. She's big and she really is a dog I won't forget. 
Anyway this outfit is a product of my 3-minute dressing-up last Friday when I went to the mall. Whenever I am in a rush, I throw over a dress, style it and I am good to go! I must say this one's also one of my favorite outfits to date. :)
How are you doing so far? Me, I have been feeling so bad in the last three days. Good thing I don't have fever at all or else I won't be able to work and stuffs would pile crazy! :)

Btw, do you want a dress like this too? I will be selling one on Simone's Closet's Holiday collection, coming this December 9, 2012!

dress- Simone's Closet
vest- thrifted
sandals- Ichigo


  1. Love the dress! So cute!

    Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

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