Friday, November 16, 2012

Mixmatch Giveaway!

Because I love you all and I wanted to share a few of my blessings  to you, I am giving away this bunch of clothes and accessories from SIMONE'S  CLOSET's Mixmatch collection! :) One winner gets all of these:
- 1 off-white blazer
- 1 red and blue floral printed leggings
- 1 red and black striped printed leggings
-1 black fabric tassel necklace

all you have to do is:
3. Follow Simone's Fashion Closet (this blog) on GFC 
4. Tweet this line "Win clothes and accessories  @simonescloset blog giveaway (put giveaway link)"
5. Leave a comment on this post with your name, facebook username, twitter username, and 1 question you would like to ask about me.

that's it pansit! :)  join now and share to your friends too! Giveaway ends November 25, 2012. :)



  1. Name: Krisha Marie Pala
    Twitter: @kritums
    Question: Hi Ms. Denise! How do you take care of your skin? :-)

  2. Jenika Gagui
    Nikka Krusher/itsmebebenikka
    My question is what inspiration/s do you have to have a successful online shop and being a successful blogger too.

  3. Name: Rejoyce Canaynay
    facebook username: rejcanaynay
    twitter username: @rejcanaynay
    1 question I would like to ask about you: How do you see your shop Simone's Closet 5 years from now?

  4. Name: Nicole Valderrama
    facebook username: Nicole Lily Valderrama
    twitter username: @nicolelily26
    1 question: Who inspires you to become who and what you are right now? :)
    PS: sorry if i used my boyfriend's google acct. in posting my comment. I got a problem w/ my acct. I hope it's okay :) More powers to your blogs :)

  5. name:Katherine Anne Tan
    facebook username:Katherine Tan
    twitter username:@meoooowkath
    question:Ms. Denise with all the success and blessings you have now,is their anything else missing in your life? or do you still crave for something else?

  6. Name: Evangeline Go
    facebook username: Evangeline Go (
    twitter username: @godheartgel
    question: What do you consider as your greatest achievement? ☺

  7. Mary Gee Ismael
    Is it hard to have an online shop? I am planning to have one... :)

  8. Name: Maria Jobelle Lopez
    FB name: Maria Jobelle Causapin Lopez
    Twitter ID: @BELLE_lat

    Hi :) I would like to ask fashion tips about mixing and matching for bottom-heavy girls like me. Thank you po.

  9. Verna Joyce Abril
    fb: Verna Joyce H. Abril
    how did you start out as an accessories seller?

  10. Rejj Sibayan
    What's your favorite color?

  11. Name: Jen Destura
    Facebook: Jen Destura (
    Twitter: @jendestura
    What course did you finish in college?

  12. Name: Karen Atienza
    FB Name: Karen Atienza
    Twitter: @atikaza
    When did you start a blogger? :)

  13. Maria Christina Gumatay
    Fb Name: Istin Dizon Paigna
    Twitter: istin21

    I know you are very busy with your online shop, bazaars, events and even as a blogger, so how do you give time to your daughter Marise?

  14. Jean Mariel Arboleda
    Facebook: Mariel Arboleda (
    Twitter: @thequietgalaxy

    How did you get started as a designer and as a blogger? :)

  15. Name: Claudine Miranda
    Facebook username: Amber Lo
    Twitter username: @imafashionslave

    How would you define real happiness? :)

  16. name: Abigail Sy
    facebook username: gayle sy
    twitter username: @abbysy11

    Who is your greatest inspiration?

  17. Name: Jenna Cruz
    Facebook username: Jen Cruz
    Twitter username: @ianjennacruz

    Q: What's the best thing that happened to you this year? :)

  18. Name: Maria Fatima Recede
    Facebook username: Fati Recede
    Twitter username: @_itsmefati
    My question: What is you current beauty obsession? :)

  19. Jill Roque
    Who is your greatest influence when in comes in fashion?

  20. Name: April Grace Gregorio
    Facebook Username: April Grace Gregorio
    Twitter username : @MsEunMi

    - who/what is your inspiration behind Simone's Closet and your product design?

  21. Bianca Lynn Osteria
    Bianca Lynn Osteria (Little B Ü)

    How do you manage to keep yourself look so young and not as haggard as like the other young mommies? :)

  22. Name: Sie Cajilig
    FB URL: (Sie Cajilig)
    Twitter: @SieCajilig
    What can you do to make your enemy's dreams come true?

  23. This is great!

    Name: Jawaher Banico
    Facebook: Jaws M. Banico
    Twitter: @jawsbanico (

    Question: What keeps you motivated?

  24. name: Maly
    facebook username: Maly Naine Manligas
    twitter username: @malynaine
    1 question you would like to ask about me: What is your favorite accessory/jewelry?

  25. name: Elaine Chua
    facebook username: Khyutee Chua
    twitter username: khyutee

    Where do you buy your crafting materials?

  26. Katherine Rivera
    Katherine Rose Coronel-Rivera

    How's your eye makeup addiction going so far? (Madami ka na siguro alam :D)

  27. NAME: Joanna Rose Tuazon
    FACEBOOK USERNAME: Joanna Rose Jocson Tuazon (
    TWITTER USERNAME: @JoannaTuazon

    What makes you the happiest person on earth? :)

  28. Henley Tabal

    Who are your fashion inspirations?

  29. name: Gizette Cao
    facebook username: Gizette Cao
    twitter username: @RnG26

    How do you deal with stress?

  30. Marie Danicia Castro
    Facebook: Marie Castro
    What was your dream when you were little and how the it changed over time?

  31. Erika Nase
    Facebook username: erikasvetlana
    Twitter username: ErikaSvetlana

    Who is your greatest fashion inspiration?

  32. Name: Monique Rustia

    How do you manage being a mom, a business woman and a wife? :)

  33. Name: Cena Frias
    Fb: Boomy Frias
    Twitter: @boomy05

    Do you think starting a fashion/style blog is a good way to introduce yourself into the fashion industry? And do you have any tips or advice on style/fashion blogging?

  34. name: Lilli elizabeth abatayo
    facebook username: Lilli Abatayo
    twitter username: @LilliAbatayo
    1 question you would like to ask about me: pano mo po napatagal ang relationship mo with your hubby po?:)

  35. Name: Aletha Infante
    FB: aletha Jane Infante
    Twitter: itsaltainfante

    How will you celebrate this coming Christmas?

  36. Name: Faith S. Sedico
    FB: Faith Sedico
    Twitter: @faithsedico

    What is "fashion" for you?

  37. Crischelle Arriola
    Schel Arriola

    What's the soundtrack of your life?

  38. Name: Camille Quiambao
    Facebook: Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
    Twitter: @quiam
    Where do you get your DIY ideas?

  39. name: Karen Ann Lee

    facebook username: Ann Lee

    twitter username: @SuperAnnLee

    question: How did you start your online business?

    I really want to start my own online business since it is the easiest and cheapest. I am also fond of making DIY but I don't know how to start and get the materials. Thanks :)


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