Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bazaar For All Season Day1

I  know I am super late na with this post haha! But better late than never right? haha! I was supposed to blog about this last weekend but I failed since I was busy with a bazaar and an out-of-town trip. So anyways, I am so thankful for the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON team and to Kat Valdez for letting me be a part of this super duper fun bazaar! As in super fun imagine selling with your blogger friends, tabi-tabi pa kayo, chikahan, outfit shoot, and tawanan ng walang humpay. haha! 

I was not able to snap detailed photos of that day since I man the booth alone half day, and was so busy entertaining my customers. But here are some that I managed to take...

Everyone meet my brother! He and my papa helped me to set-up my booth. As in they woke up super early since the call time is 8am haha! We were there at the venue at exactly 8am. I was super worried that they (brother and papa) might get irritated of the idea of setting my booth from the clothes rack, to the accessories rack, up to the pagsabit-sabit ng accessories and kapropsan haha! But I was so surprised to know that they did enjoy the whole thing! 

Sayang nga I was not able to capture them while on the process haha! Papa even told me to buy this, that, and this, and all the pa-bonggang effect materials for bazaar  thingy! Para daw super super prettiness ng booth ko. And saw those super neat piles of bracelets, price tags, and  my shop poster na super neat ang pagkakalagay? Well papa and my brother did all of those haha! 
My papa put that zigzag rack. As in he stood on top of a chair para ikabit haha! As well as those price signs na pantay pantay pa :) Papa even hanged the clothes and so funny that he didn't know how to hang a skirt, nalalaglag daw haha!
And these props, well my brother's idea! Galing noh? sya rin nagsabit at no reklamo infair! haha!
Super neat set-up right? But on the end of the day, super nagulo na sya haha! :)
Kelly on stripes, Mich, and Rovie with her sexy back! Hello neighbors! :)
Super funny and pretty, Rovie! :) 
and my lovely girls! I miss you three already! Sana may bazaar ulit hahaha!:)
And of course, me on my booth set-up before I look so haggarda and pagod. Over-all the bazaar is so successful in terms of fun and excitement, organization, crowd and sales. My family went also later in the afternoon to support me! Mom and Marise was there too to help me sell. And yes we went home with empty boxes, super naappreciate ng crowd my cobweb necklaces! And since I have no more cobwebs to sell for the following day, nagpuyat ako ng bongga...

to be continued! haha! Bazaar For All Season Day 2 coming up next! :)

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  1. Hi Denise!! Thanks for participating see you on the next Bazaar For All Season!! :)


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