Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Yes I do I do dream of white Christmas., though I know for a fact snow won't visit our country no matter what haha! But perhaps, a white Christmas tree decorated with silver and gold decors will do! And months ago (yes months ago since halata naman with my old hair pa see below pics hehe ) saw two white Christmas trees  in Trinoma! And I knew I just have to take Marise's picture there! :) 

And  the photo bombing begins! haha!!!

Even inside we saw a white Christmas tree! Yay! But Marise was too tired to pose for the camera na :)

Moving on, I would just like to announce to those who are asking if I am already accepting bulk orders for our braid bracelets, YES I DO!!!:) 

Last night, I uploaded our November braid bracelets collection! We have a lot of colors to choose from! :)

Stocks are all on-hand and ready to ship! :) 

Yes clients do order in bulk for their friends and relatives  in time for the Christmas season! 

In case you want to order, just check-out SIMONE'S CLOSET and leave me a message!:) 

Hope you're having a great day! This post actually made me realize to set-up our Christmas tree already! yay! haha!:)

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