Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Try Not To Hate

I am currently chatting with my new found friend Hannah! (hi to you haha!) bout copycats and all, I guess I've moved on about it that I care a little less about them. But don't get me wrong, I still feel that achy breaky heart whenever some online shops massacre my works, and xerox copy them. You know, who the hell would be happy to see that your fruits of sleepless nights, perspiration, aching body, and love would become someone else's property in a matter of split seconds???! walang matinong tao day! haha! but then again, I did this post already, so I guess it's time to move on, but hey gaya nga ng sabi ni friendlalloong, Marqui, "let them know you keep an eye on them". oh ayan alam nyo na ah! yon na yon ahaha!

I guess the secret in living life to the fullest, is to at least TRY NOT TO HATE try not seed anger, but seed happiness. Try to think of the good side of the bad side (magulo ba? but yes that's it! ) I always try not to hate even if I always come to the point I wanted to stab that person to death (killer ang peg? joke lang!) No, seriously, in this life, try not to give space to hate, let it out, scream if you need to, punch someone else's face if you feel like doing so, nag that person, murahin mo na ang lahat, but after that, smile and say "I've moved on with the things far more important with my attention than you are, bitch!." hahaha :) 

sorry for this hyper post!haha It's just that I ate too much chocolates awhile ago haha!

shorts- DIY
studded flats- DIVI
bag- random brand
hat- SM


  1. Aang taray! <3 Miss you, den! :"> See you soon, please? :)

  2. :D See you sa bazaar this weekend Denise :)))

  3. Amen to this! Love your laid-back look! Very relax and comfy lang!



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