Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Play The Game Fair

one of my favorite layouts for Simone's Closet :)

Since August is coming tomorrow (officially) hehe, let me take the opportunity to say what I feel, as a crafter, designer, and owner of Simone's Closet. August 2012 is our 4th year in the business and I do hope you can learn something out of this post.

I actually am not good in stating how I exactly feel. I actually do not know how to begin with this post. I salute to bloggers who can say properly how much they feel. So bear with me until I am able to unravel what I really wanted to say. :) 

In my entire life, I have never been selfish to anything. I share what I can share up to the extent that sometimes people abuse me. I can still remember those times that after I was being quiet on certain issues, I always ended up as a villain character. My papa always tell me not to fight with people no matter how angry I may get. I believe in him, but just like you and any other person in this world, we all have our own limitations. And up to know I control myself and think a thousand times before I act. I don't want to hurt feelings nor step into someone and worse, I don't want people to think I am overacting or being bad at all.

 If you are following me (facebook and twitter) you know that I went through a phase wherein my status talked about some "copycats". My friends, told me to just forget about it, move on and ignore them. And I did. I moved on and do what I have to do. But sometimes you just can't be quiet when you know there is something not right. For four years in the business, I have learned about the do's and don'ts, the strategies, and tactics to handle a business well. Simone's Closet may not be a big business, but it's my bread and butter, and for sometime, it became my great source of income right after I finished college. Aside from learning the business essentials, I have learned to be good all the time. To respect other people, my clients, and my competitors. To always put myself in their shoes. If not, I wouldn't reach this far. 

Handling a business like mine, is not easy. It will never be. There will always be humps and bumps, but still, the secret to a lasting successful business, is your capacity to play the game FAIRLY. IN ALL ASPECTS. I would like to say that a life of a designer, is not as glamorous as you think, not as easy as you think that he/she is just seated while sketching his/her masterpiece. It is not. The whole process is bloody hell. BLOODY HELL.It takes time, energy, stress, effort, and a lot of CREATIVITY before a masterpiece is done. That is why I respect the artists, the directors, the film makers, the painters, and the like, because I know they put a BLOODY HELL OF TIME, ENERGY AND CREATIVITY to be able to put up a good masterpiece. And that's how I see and treat my co sellers, co accessories designers, because I know how much dedication they put on their works before they can finally say it is done. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE TREATED FAIRLY.

What would you do if you see your works having an identical twin when all of the sudden, you gave birth to it with just one head, heart and body alone? Would you even care? Would you be bothered as I am? I bet you are. In our country piracy is everywhere, from copy paste homeworks, to immitation bags, to pirated dvds, and replica masterpieces. How would we even rise to poverty, when all we know is to copy? and not innovate? How would we improve ourselves when we all know is to immitate.

I was once told by someone, that she admires me for being creative, that she admires my works, my accessories. That I am her inspiration because of my talent in doing accessories. I smiled and said with a heartfelt thank you. I really appreciate it. But I never knew it will be the start of something not so good. There is a thin line between the words INSPIRATION, and COPY. When you say you are inspired, you are actually driven to do good because you see someone as an example that no matter how hard the process is, you can still make it. When you say copy, it's plainly, doing the ctrl + c thing, and whoala!

To fully gauge what I am trying to say, here is a real situation that had happened months ago read it here. Basically, CLAIRE'S copied the design of an indie designer, and sold it for a much cheaper price. This happens to me, and I bet to other crafters and sellers out there too. My pieces are actually being copied, replicated, claimed to be a new product of a new shop, and sold it for a cheaper price. In which I was the one who saw it right then and there. I feel being stabbed to death with that scenario. I never knew some of my clients would actually be my competitor in the future. It hurts to say, that the people you entertained so well in your shop, will end up buying pieces from you for them to copy and make money of out of it. They say imitation is a form of flattery. They copy you because they like you. At some point I am happy to know that.  But I feel it is wrong to copy just because you are expressing your liking over someone or something. You are somewhat losing your self in the process. You can like someone without copying at all.

A handmade masterpiece, may it be a dress, an accessory, a bag, or a pair of shoes, is a product out of love, creativity and passion. You cannot just put a price tag to it and sell it like you're selling pancakes. It deserves to be priced well, not because the seller wants to be filthy rich, but because, a piece is not just simply made to be worn, but it is made to be loved and treasured by it's soon to-be owner. Because it guarantees the buyer, that it is made with quality, that it is UNIQUE, that only YOU will ever have it. THAT IS WHAT HANDMADE WITH LOVE IS.

I am not lifting up my chair in here, because before, I used to be a copycat. YES I DO, and I am not happy with what I did then. Back then, you noticed I sold tassle necklaces, when it was a hit at that time. Though they are selling like hotcakes, I know deep within me that I am not happy. BECAUSE I COPIED THE DESIGNS. That scenario, brought me to thinking that it's about time I innovate my own. It's about time, I give name and image to Simone's Closet accessory line. It's about time I do my own thing. I used fabrics for my necklaces. I was in doubt when I launched it, because it was during the time when tassles are really a big hit. Lucky enough, there were girls who patronized my works, that fueled me to do more, to improve more, and to use fabrics as my main material. That made me to who I am and Simone's Closet right now. I feel so fulfilled that even after the doubts and all, I was able to put a very good image and identity for Simone's Closet. It's a sweet success BUT A HARD PROCESS.

I am not saying to never try crafting, do it. I am happy when one tries to do something. I am happy when I get to inspire people by my works, BUT PLEASE BE FAIR. Try to use me as an inspiration, not as CTRL+ C buttons. Try to think of ways wherein you can be proud of what you are doing. You cannot just buy a necklace from ZARA rip it off, and remake it and put your logo to it, make a facebook page, sell it, and WHOALA! Do it to any crafter or designer, you will hurt him/her for sure. 
ZARA can ask someone to buy a dress from TOPSHOP rip it off and make a similar one, put a tag to it, and sell it. But they won't do it they respect each and everyone's designers. THEY HAVE MINDS  WITH OVERFLOWING CREATIVE JUICES ANYWAY, so why waste it in copying?

I am not saying no other shops can sell fabric accessories too, actually they can, but no one has the right to just copy a certain design and copy it as if there's no tomorrow. It's a sign of disrespect, with or without a copyright. I don't know about patenting and all, but one things' for sure, I know how much dedication,passion,effort, and heartaches I went through to be able to establish my accessory line. Technically speaking, I don't have the right to say to the shops who copied my designs to stop copying me, because I know they won't. I don't have copyrights to my works, what I only know is my designs were born from my heart and no money, no papers, no legal documents, could ever sum and define my love for crafting accessories.

THANKS FOR READING! Sorry for the long post and for some wrong grammars (if there's any hehe) I seldom talk this much so pardon me. I just hope you got my point, and please don't hate me. I am just bothered for days already so I tried releasing it through this blog. :) Sometimes we have days like this that we just need an outlet for what we feel. I am sorry if I said anything that annoys you. I did not do it on purpose, I am just writing what my heart and mind feels. :)

Happy 4  years to Simone's Closet and cheer's to more years! :) thanks for being with us girls all through-out the years!:)



  1. I can't believe that i read this entire blog! whew! because it's worth reading though :) just continue on doing your crafts and just be humble and nice while others are not :) God bless! Happy 4th! :) xoxo

    1. thank you Ruby, I am always standing on the ground. wala naman idudulot na maganda ang too much pride :) thanks for spending time reading this post I really really appreciate it!:)

  2. I really salute you Denise for just turning the other cheek for so long after all this issue. You've been quiet about it and patient. How I wish they would just stop doing that. I believe in you and your craft. So don't stop doing what you love just because of this. Continue what you do best. Just continue to inspire us! We love you, sis! Just lift everything to Him and he will be the one to comfort you! God bless!

  3. :) Hugs you, Denise! The Donnas (my favorite all-girl rockband) have a song called "Fall Behind Me" and a line from that goes "When you skip steps on the way up, the gaps have a way of catching up" and that's what I think'll happen to those copycats. There comes a point in life where you have to realize that what's really important is respect and I hope they get to that point soon. :D

    In the meantime, cheers to Simone's Close! I super admire you for all your talent and hardwork! WOOTWOOT here's to 4 more years (at the very least) yes? ;)

  4. Thumbs up Miss Denise and Happy 4th Anniversary to Simone's Closet! :) Ignore niyo nlng po sila and continue making your clients happy (proud to be one of them :D) with your creative works :)


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