Monday, July 30, 2012

Pajama Pants

With the cold weather we have right now, my chosen pieces for dressing-up is either a sweater top, sweater dress, long sleeves or a pair of pajama pants ( a term I use for loose comfy pants). I got this animal-print pants sometime ago before my birthday. And last Sunday was the perfect timing to wear it! The pants have two ankle hooks making me think this is actually a granny pair of pants rather than pajama pants, but nonetheless, I still love it! I feel so fierce in it!:) 
Anyway, I was able to watch NO OTHER WOMAN just last night haha! Thank you Cinema One for a no-commercial airing of the movie! I was just really impressed with the acting skills of Christine and Anne, they are both great and really portrayed their roles so well!
Lastly, I was supposed to watch a Cinemalaya fiilm, but any cinemas I went to are all sold-out! Imagine that! haha! I am aiming to watch pa naman Ang Mumunting Lihim and Intoy Syokoy.  Sigh. 

Hope you are having a nice rainy Monday!:)

top- Landmark
pants- thrifted
sandals- Solemate


  1. OMG I love the pants.. where did you get it sis?

    1. got it from Ukay hehe :) thought I can't pull it off pero it looks good naman pala hehe :)

  2. I love those pants! They look awesome.

  3. You look stunning and the outfit is amazing! Love the pants :)

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