Thursday, November 1, 2012

Got Permed...Again!

So yesterday though I am super duper busy with work and preparing my stuffs for the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON, I still managed to squeeze in some time for myself. Recently I got a voucher from Cash cash pinoy for Azta Urban Salon's digi perm. I had my curls retouched again, plus colored. I stayed in the salon for 6 long hours alone! haha! but with the happy salon staffs, I didn't get bored at all.

I was not able to capture as much photos, since the small camera (point and shoot) I brought was unluckily low-bat haha! But good thing I got 3 snaps. As you can see no one's still there because I am too early for I know the process would be long. I came in at 12 noon and got out at 6pm imagine that!ahahaha!

All the wait is super worth it. I love how my hair looks like and the color too! The curls in the photos are still fresh. My hair has not settled yet. But On the coming days, you'll see it's natural state. And I am excited to do an outfit post with my new hair tomorrow! yay! :) 

I'll see you this weekend at EDSA CENTRIS alright?! :)


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