Friday, August 31, 2012

Simone's Closet at The LA FERIA DE AGOSTO bazaar

Many have been asking me why don't I join big bazaars. I always tell them that, I have my own course to take. Someday in time the right moment will come, for now I enjoy the laidback and intimacy of a small/medium-sized or indie bazaars. Selling for me is not just about money. Not solely because I wanted to market Simone's Closet and earn at the same time. For me, I join bazaars to actually showcase my crafts then make money after. To make it a venue for me to show the world my masterpieces without expecting anything at all. Profit is best-earned when you least expect it but you know from the heart you gave it your all to achieve it. 
Who would believe that my fabric accessories would be this hit and would gain much attention to shoppers. Never did I imagine that my fabric accessories would reach this far. 

Last year when I was starting, I used to hear some girls who see me wearing my fabric necklaces, that what's wrapped around my neck is a cheap retaso, basahan, etc, etc. It hurts knowing that I put much heart and effort into it. But those criticisms brought me to where I am right now. I was able to lift the possibility of fabric accessories to look stylish and unique, and its capacity to make any outfit look a stand-out one.

shared booth with my kumareng Andie of The Pinup Girl Store

Many up to now, are still not aware how my necklaces are being worn. But I am very much happy to teach each and every one of them how to wear one. And seeing them get amazed and say "wow ganon pala yon galing ah!" really makes me feel so happy and proud. :)

I still find, small, indie, medium-sized, bazaars, the more effective tool for me to reach-out better to my prospective customers. The smaller the venue, the more I can focus on dealing with the customers. Sometimes, big bazaars can make possible shoppers, get tired easily due to too much walking around or they might not find you inside the venue because there's too many shops around. Plus I am not pressured at all to earn that big just to get back the booth rental and all that. Well, we know how much the booth rates are for big bazaars right? And I must say, I am not on that level yet to shell out much money just for a little space. But who knows, maybe soon right? hehe

I have nothing against big bazaars, I still want to try it though, but I think I want to master small and medium-sized bazaars, the more intimate for me, the better. But who knows, someday I will be at those big bazaars! haha! I am taking it slowly but surely. :)

Another thing I like about small bazaars, is you get to talk to the owners of the shop, get to know them better because they really man the booth all throughout the bazaar until ligpitan time haha. You really get to see them how to deal with their customers, how they sell their products. Oh well, just like how  Andie and I are doing. hehe. tsika galore lang habang benta benta.

Every hour  while manning my booth, I change my necklace and my look and lakad-lakad sa labas ng booth just like modelling haha! pasimple lang haha! Just to invite more people inside my booth. :)

O effective di ba? hehe sipag ko lang magkwento noh? hehe :) 

Andie's hiding haha! :) 

And the best of the best of the best of all, aside from the money I earn on bazaars, is the fact that I have ze hubby with me all throughout the bazaar while munching on our packed meals. And also, it's such a rewarding feeling that several of my blog readers, and loyal customers really make some time to visit me, talk to me, have a picture with me even if I look so hagarda na! Thank you Heizel, and friends I may have forgotten your names but I will never forget how warm you guys, are to me. :) 

I hope on my next bazaar adventure, I will see more of my blog readers alright? :) I want to meet you all and say thank you personally! :) 

Til my next bazaar adventure! :)


  1. Awww I'm glad you're venturing to bazaars na sis! Simone's Closet will go places pa lalo ♥ Btw hahaha oo nga pansin ko rin pag-change mo ng necklaces in your photos. LOVE IT! Haha magandang strategy yan! Haha see you very soon, sis!

    Arnie Villanueva

    1. hahaha salamat sister! :) I enjoy smal bazaars kasi so join lang ng join lalo na this ber months! sana we can meet again on my next bazaar adventures! :)

  2. Wow, follower ako ng blog mo and I really admire how hardworking and creative you are. Sayang nga lang hindi ako nakapunta sa bazaar mo. I love doing crafts din, but i'm not as brave as you para ipakita sa iba, but someday i'll try. Keep up the good work! <3

  3. Hi Ms. Denise :) Yanshi here, so happy to be in your blog, hahaha! :) Sad I wasn't able to come to the ETC bazaar in GH with Heizel, (paulit-ulit lang, lol). Hope to see you next time! Bibili na ko promise! hahaha :)))

  4. aw. ♥special mention ang name ko:) hehe:) you're most welcome ate denise!:) me and my friends YANSHI AND BASHA are big fans of yours:) teehee ♥ more powers! i'm pretty sure mas lalo pa magiging successful ang Simone's Closet:) God Bless you more!:)


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