Friday, August 31, 2012

MOMMY OUTFIT: Galaxy print and denim

10:37 pm and I am quite sleepy haha! But I need to finish some things up so I am trying my best not to fall asleep. So here I am posting the latest outfit I wore the other day when I brought Marise to school! I suddenly felt some boho and laidback vibes hence this loose top, comfy shorts and flats and that boho headwrap. Overall I love how I look in this outfit, this is something really worth for a mom who runs after a 4 year old hyper kid, while still looking stylish. This is a dress-down outfit for me but people kept on staring at me haha maybe because of the headwrap? haha!

How's your Friday night so far?:) Tomorrow's a very loooong day for me but I am excited for another outfit shoot with ze hubby! :)

galaxy shirt- thrifted
denim shorts- Landmark
flats- Parisian
headwrap- Simone's Closet


  1. Love this look, you're so pretty!

  2. You look so gorgeously dressed down in this :) Maybe they just stared because you look too damn beautiful and stylish :P


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