Saturday, June 16, 2012

NEW IN: Jelly sandals and colored pants

Hi everyone! Finally I was able to blog again after the enjoying bazaar last night! I just need to gather the photos I have then I will blog about it tomorrow! I know you are excited to see the photos and know how the bazaar  went! So I promise tomorrow I will share the experience with you!

For now, here are the new pieces I got for myself just recently! 

Got myself a pair of nude jelly sandals! Perfect for the rainy season! I am not wearing my shoes when it's raining because it hurts me to see them getting wet and soaked with dirty water so I always have with me this pair! Don't you just like the color? :)

Then got myself 3 pairs of colored pants! I am a lover of blue and yellow pants haha hence I bought these 3! Since I cannot decide which one to get, I just got them all and I  cannot wait to wear them on my coming outfit posts!:)

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO RECENTLY? :) By the way if you have questions that you want to ask. Just click on the ASK ME tab! I will feature you question every Sunday and will dedicate a post to answer them!:)

I am off to do some DIY project again!:)


  1. love the sandals! :) where'd you get them?

  2. where did you those jelly nude sandals denise?
    been trying to look for jelly sandals, kasi it hurts really bad when your shoes get soaked sa ulan thanks :)

  3. I love the sandals! Super obsessed with jelly ones since my last once died on me :( Haha!


  4. I love jelly sandals, they are really comfortable. :) Anyway, I'm having a humble giveaway-


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