Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fashion and Compassion

Still remember the BAGGELIA EVENT I blogged about before? Since I was not able to come due to that time I was caught off-guard in 3 consecutive meetings, I asked my dear blogger friend, Arra of Princess On The Brink to be my proxy that night!

She was so kind to cover the event for me and I would like to show you what happened that night. The article and photos below belong to Arra! so here ya go:

Recently, Bagellia Filipinas held a fashion show at Scarlet Lounge Fort Strip where they auctioned their bags as a fundraiser for the Aid for Joyce campaign.
Just to give you a heads up, the Aid for Joyce campaign help raises funds for Joyce, a beautiful young lady who has Billiary Artresia--she was born without a gall bladder. The funds that this auction will accumulate will help her go through with the operation she needed which is a liver transplant. Read more about here story here.
I learned about this event as I was browsing the blog of Denise Lunod of Simone's Fashion Closet. I just knew I had to go and I asked a few friends to join me and help.

With my college friend, Danna Olaya
We weren't able to take photos of the models' preparation because I was feeling sickly that day and they might be annoyed by my barking-like coughs. But I was actually impressed when I saw how they cut and styled the shirts. They inspired me to do DIYs with my old shirts as well.
Anyhow, let's start the show:
(Forgive me, I just love her eyelashes)
So here are the first set of bags for auction:

Hershey Neri of The Diary of a Teenage Queen
Here are some guests who were actually bidding for a bag.
While waiting for the second leg of the event, we were asked to try out the drinks, enjoy the night and bid for the bags. This drink was called Scarlet Passion. I know it was bad for my throat that time but still a had a few sips.
Here are the second set of bags being modeled by these gorgeous girls:
These were the bags that really caught our attention. Danna really loved the purple one and of course, I can't stop my neon obsession.

Feeling lucky because I won a gift certificate from Bagellia! Yay!
(Photos: Nigel Reyes)
Joyce arrived with a very brave smile on her face. She made me teary-eyed when she said her thank you. She is a very lovely girl and she deserves to enjoy this life that God has given her. She really inspired me for being so courageous to face this. What made me in awe was when I learned that her illness usually happens to babies and they rarely survive it. But Joyce is the living proof that they can. It is actually a miracle. But she still needs our help!
C'mon guys! Let's save a life and be a hero today!
You can still help her by donating through the following:
Bank account: Banco de Oro – Diliman Capitol Hills Branch
Account name: Joyce Anne Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 3920023875
Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 1270940579
Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (USD): 101270539688
You may also reach the following, for inquiries:
Cora Pimentel (her mom): / +63917-8514220/ +63916-5539025
Dr. Wilfredo Polido Jr. (her attending physician): 0917-7953861
Like Aid for Joyce on facebook for more information.
You can also buy a shirt and through that, you can also help her.
(Photo: Aid for Joyce)
Remember, every peso counts! Prayers too!
Much love, xx

THANK YOU SO MUCH ARRA for this wonderful post!:) please do visit her  blog PRINCESS ON THE BRINK!:)


  1. Aww thank you Denise! I really appreciate it and thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


  2. Really sad that we weren't able to come to this event! :( Pero thanks to your friend, ha! Now we know what happened during that night! ♥ See you soon sisterrr!



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