Sunday, June 17, 2012

La Feria De Junio Bazaar

Hi guys! Finally I am home! So I will be blogging about the LA FERIA DE JUNIO BAZAAR experience that just had happened last Friday!

It was raining that day but  good thing it was not that heavy. It was really hard to set-up. We were there at exactly 3pm (call time for the bazaaristas) As soon as my feet landed on my booth, hubby and I started to set-up. Working on a 1x1 meter space to fill in with my products is so challenging! Good thing hubby was with me all- throughout or else I could have died ahaha!

FINALLY we were able to set-up around 5pm! As in the complete set-up! Since the space is too small, I was not able to display my other accessories racks, but still I liked how we managed to set-up our booth!

SPIDER NECKLACES!:) This has got to be my recent favorite!:)

our almost-empty clothes rack! thanks girls for shopping!
Aside from the cobweb necklaces, and braid bracelets, I made rose rings and earrings too as well as tassle earrings! 
Our beautiful lighting!:)
Piles of cobweb necklaces that were then sold before our booth closed! thanks again girls for shopping our cobweb necklaces!:)
Variety of necklaces that I will be releasing on the 38th collection!:)

And since there were many shoppers entering our booth, I was not able to roam around and take more photos! I hardly even had a chance to take my outfit shots! epic fail!haha! But then, hubby was so sweet to take some instagram photos for documentation! here ya go:

my first shopper who bought A LOT of bracelets! Thank you Alyanna! Coffee date alright??:)
pardon the haggarda face! haha! was slightly soaked with rain water! Nkakahaggard ang pagaayos ng booth I swear lalo na pagoutdoors! Meet my schoolmate way way back high school days, Deb! She's so pretty right? :)

I was not able to take all the photos of the shoppers who dropped by on my booth because I hardly had a glimpse to get my iphone haha!ganon kadami tao! all I was able to do is sales talk, wrap orders, and model my necklaces haha! every hour iba ibang necklace nasa leeg ko haha!
meet Mae who went all the way from Malate Manila just to buy a cobweb necklace and meet me in person! You don't know how much you made my happy Mae! Thank you so much and I do hope you'll come again on August!
Then I finally met Sam! One of my suki! She is so sweet in person and very warm! She even gave me sweet words and encouraged me to do more cobweb necklaces! I really am speechless in front of her! I sincerely felt how much she loves  so dearly my craft and nothing beats the feeling of being appreciated, and giving joy to other people! Thank you so so so much Sam! and I do hope you'll visit me again on August!:)

I could say, this has got to be the best bazaar experience ever for me. I seldom do bazaars, but now that I have a bit of time, I make sure to join once in a while because it's not just about the sales alone, but it's about meeting my blog readers, shoppers, and new friends that matter the most! 

The next leg of my bazaar is this August 17, 2012 on the same venue so I hope to those who were not able to come, you could drop by! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who purchased! I was not able to take photos of you all, but still, form the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!:)


  1. I love the colorful bracelets so much :)

  2. Congratulations Denise! Keep it up!


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