Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Mullet Dress

I was doing a lot of clothing DIYs since when I was in high school but it was only now that I got a chance to document the process haha! So bear with me as I tell you how I did my mullet dress that I wore to the 4 th day of the PFW! If you saw me there then you'll have an idea what dress is it. Anyway will blog about my outfit after this post.

Here you go...

Be sure that the table is long enough to spread out your dress. You need to see every point of the dress so you'll know where to fold and cut.

Now fold the dress in the center just like folding your pants when you are ironing it. Make sure that you get the sides straight. The idea is to get the center to the edge so when you cut the dress and open it, both sides are pantay. oh gosh I hope you got what I mean haha!!!! Ang hirap but I know you'll get my point afterwards. 

Now when you finally got the center part on the edge, you can now cut it according to your desire. I like my dress to have rounded edge, so I cut it like a half circle. If you want yours straight, cut it straight like a square.

After cutting, you'll notice that the edges are not neat so you need to sew them! I have a small sewing machine so that's what I used. I was able to sew the hem for only 10minutes hehe! :) 

Here's the finished product!

Up next I'll blog about how it is when worn haha!:) HOPE YOU LIKED MY DIY project!:) Will be posting more soon!:)

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