Thursday, May 31, 2012

Outtakes At The Ramp Show

I was with hubby when I watched The Ramp show. We were invited by my very good college friend, Bianca who works for The Ramp! Good thing I have a friend who works for the brand! :)
Bianca and I! What she's wearing is a new design coming-out soon at The Ramp!:)
Trying the  "walking shot" I still love the effect of this photo even though it's blurred :)
Hubby's outfit! He didn't wore the outfit I prepared for him he finds it too fasyon daw haha! So he just went a bit laid back, but I still love it though!:)

And what made me looked so ladylike that night, is this floral mullet skirt from Undernourished Manila! Such a great find!:)


  1. Love your floral mullet skirt dear! sorry wasn't able to make it that day!

    Kaye Awatin

  2. Wow! :) Totally chic look, sis!! ♥ Great to see you last PFW!


  3. I love your skirt so much!



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