Thursday, May 17, 2012

Messy Hair

Yes. I find my hair messy in these photos hahaha! This is what I wore when I was not feeling well due to my ulcer, and when I met some clients. This look is what happens when I do not have some energy to dress-up haha! I just wear anything I see inside my closet put a bit of make-up and whoala! As for my hair? I want it messy. The messier it is, the sexier and prettier it looks for me! :) It's like I just woke-up  and pose immediately for the camera. haha!

Do you have a look like this too? haha!:) Share it with me on the comment area!:)

top- random brand
shorts- DIVI
flats- Shoe Gallery
necklace- Quiapo


  1. love your hair!
    nice outfit too! stylish and comfortable :)

  2. i love the shorts! :) I always have a messy hair..:P



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