Saturday, May 19, 2012

Captain America

I was not able to blog yesterday for a simple reason that I have to finish some work stuffs. I was about to blog this look but then my shoulders gave up on me. haha! I really can feel my back and shoulder pain. 

On to my outfit, this is what I wore yesterday when I headed to the mall for some shopping! I will be attending 2 shows on the Philippine Fashion Week, The Ramp and Oxygen. I bought some stuffs that I will be wearing for the show! I  will be wearing flats on those days for a change and will be trying some new looks too! What makes me more excited is that I am going to watch with ze hubby!!!Plus I will be styling his outfits for the shows! If you happen to see me at SMX please do call me and let us have a picture together!:)

How was your Saturday so far? I attended a shop opening earlier and I am gonna blog about it   in the days to come!:)

PS: I think boho, hippie, and edgy is my perfect mix of style! What da ya think? haha!:)

top- random
skirt- thrifted
head wrap- Eastwood
sandals- Parisian Jr.


  1. OHMGEE! I love love love your top!!! :)

    visit my blog? :)

  2. Definitely one of my favorite outfit of yours!! Ang ganda Denise! Love this talaga! Inspiration!



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