Monday, January 2, 2012

Sugar Coated

Hi girls! As promised here's something sweet to make you smile right at the moment! SUGAR COATED partnered with Simone's Fashion Closet for a one sweet fab giveaway that I will be launching tomorrow! And just to give you a hint on what kinds of items they will be giving-away, here's a bit about this quirky quaint store...

Don't you just love the colorful and sweet logo of SUGAR COATED? It's like a delish banana split for me! Whenever I look on this logo, it makes me feel so happy and light!

To give you a brief on how Sugar Coated was launched, here's a piece from the owners themselves...

Sugar Coated is an online shop of everything sweet, darling, fash, and fab. Founded and managed by four young ladies from PLManila, dedicated to give its costumers a better and more glamorous life. Wabel, Regina, Jean, and Hope (arranged by their age) are into the fashion world and would love to become fashion stylists someday. 

This passion has lead them to founding  Sugar Coated. However, owners are still students and cannot just leave their studies for the shop, so most of the time they’re not online to update. But  rest assured that they are taking their  clients' orders and are willing to adjust for them. There might be few items by now but surely Sugar Coated would add more pieces that would suit their costumers' taste. Sweethearts are always welcome to give their suggestions for the pieces.

Moving one, here's a glimpse of what Sugar Coated has in-store for you girls!

Cutesy hair accessories that are so colorful and will definitely give you that sweet sixteen look! From rose hair bands, up to bow clips, guaranteed they're a sweet jar of treats!

Vintage and chic collection of Paris notebooks that'll surely make you write more and spill your minds' wild imaginations! Just a look at these pieces makes you want to go to Paris anytime soon! (I actually bought one because I love the Eiffel Tower much!)

Lastly, the cherry-on-top of their wide array of products, are their cute thrifted finds that are super affordable! From manly tops, to polkadots top, everything a sweet girl needs for a comfy yet fashionable look, is here!

So are you just excited as I am to see the items they will be giving-away? I am sure you are, but for now, go visit SUGAR COATED first and have yourself a sweet eye treat! I'll see you tomorrow for the release of the giveaway! 


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