Monday, January 2, 2012

Spots, Spots, and Spots!

This is what I wore last New Year's eve. I have never worn this polkadots CK dress, so I thought that is the perfect moment to use it! Instead of wearing it as a dress, I wore it as a top paired with my black shorts and tights to dress it down a bit. And I love the hint of red on the rather black and white outfit! 
I discovered a new spot to take an my outfit photos outside our house. Good thing it is a bit covered with plants, the passersby only have a little chance to peek-in on my poses haha!

I bet you too wore something polkadots that night, right?! :)

Stay-tuned for a little bit of something about the store who will be hosting a giveaway for my blog on the coming days! That's coming up-next! So stay-tuned!

dress as a top- thrifted CK
shorts- SM
tights- Landmark
flats- Landmark
hat- SM
bangles- gifted


  1. I wore something orange to channel 2012's color of the year! Haha :) Nice look denise! :)

  2. thanks Jenine S. I am not a fan of orange but thanks for informing me that it is the lucky color for this year! I will try to wear my orange dress again! :)

  3. Gorgeous thrift finds, sis! CK pa talaga! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family! Miss you already!


  4. You look great Mommy Denise! Hope to see you soon and bond with you. Happy New Year! Have an awesome 2012! Mwah!! :))

  5. love the zipper detail on your top. :)

    thanks btw for dropping by my blog. followed you. :)

  6. amazing thrift finds! what a great blog you have! happy new year!
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  7. Happy new year Denise! I love how everything seems so inexpensive but you look so chic in them!

  8. Really cute dress...and I agree the red accessories look great with the black and white outfit.

    and yay for new photo spots!

  9. Love your chic look! Happy New Year!



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